Expert Music Career Mentoring

There’s more to being a musician than the playing (although playing is definitely the best part!)

Many of our music students have fantastic academic achievements and brilliant skills on their instrument, but there’s more to musical life than this.

Our coaching sessions seek to provide a musician with key guidance on how to make their way in life. This is something that schools and universities sadly forget to address.

Our mentoring sessions are designed to clarify goals and set actionable plans in place in order to take musicians to the next level.

Our coaching sessions are delivered by musicians with over 10 years experience in coaching and mentoring musicians.

Some examples of some great achievements by our successful ex-students and mentorees, in no particular order…

  • Entry to the Royal School of Music
  • Becoming an independent music tutor
  • Music Scholarships at Private Schools
  • Grade 8 and Diploma Achievements
  • Entry into Oxford/Cambridge using music as additional skill set/UCAS
  • GCSE and A-Level A*
  • Starting work as a semi-professional wedding band singer
  • Starting their own band, leading to large scale gigs around the UK
  • Recording their own album
  • Deciding to start busking locally, raising their profile
  • Starting work as a tutor for Tempo!

The ideal candidate for these sessions would be a semi-professional or professional musician looking to open doors and get to the next level, but also committed hobbyists looking to form or join bands, record their music and become a better and more effective musician and person.

“What would you know, anyway?”

Here are some of the achievements of our head coach, Jim.

  • Grade 8/Diploma level in two musical instruments
  • Played professionally in function bands from age 18
  • Played in the largest and most prestigious venues
  • Played live on TV/Radio
  • Extensive experience of recording music, including TV, film, demos, albums.
  • Music tutor for over 10 years
  • Music tutor in prestigious private schools
  • Built a music tuition company from scratch
  • and finally why not.. he once rode a bicycle 215 miles in one day!

In our expert coaching sessions, we look at the following areas

  • Help with CV/Bio writing
  • Online Marketing
  • Music Gear and Maintenance
  • University Applications and References
  • Making Appropriate Contacts in the Industry
  • Entry Into Our Tutor Mentoring Program (to Become a Music Tutor)
  • Maintaining Good Health and Mental Well-Being
  • Personal Finance
  • Business Skills
  • Self-Employment
  • Confidence and Communication
  • Self-Presentation.

Our expert coaching sessions are often delivered via Zoom but can be made in-person in the Bristol area. The cost is £50 for an hour, or £70 for 90 minutes. In this time, we would expect a mentoree to have a comprehensive plan moving forward and an enormous advantage in the industry.

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