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Tempo Mobile Tuition offers guitar lessons in the Bristol area delivered by the most knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated guitar teachers. We teach from our own home studio spaces or we can visit you at your home to deliver guitar lessons for your convenience.

Our teachers are fully trained and experienced in delivering guitar lessons for kids as young as 4, as well as adults. All of our teachers can teach up to an intermediate and advanced level in most genres and styles of guitar playing. All learners are welcome!

Our guitar lessons are fun, progressive and designed around the learner’s goals and requirements. Some learners may choose to take music grade exams while you just take guitar lessons for the joy of learning something new every week and progressing.

Our teachers will make your guitar lessons relevant to your aspirations and goals, ensure steady progress and improvement, and most of all, make your guitar lessons enjoyable!

guitar lessons bristol 
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£16.50 for a single half hour guitar lesson

£90 for a block of six half hour guitar lessons (£15 per week)

Guitar Lessons Bristol 
Frequently Asked Questions – Guitar Lessons Bristol

Do I Need My Own Guitar to Begin Lessons?

You don’t need a guitar for your first lesson and you can borrow one for the lesson at no extra cost. Your guitar teacher will be able to help you find an appropriate instrument for you once you have met and discussed your requirements.

Is There An Additional Charge For Mobile Guitar Lessons?

No, mobile lessons normally cost the same amount as if you come to us.

If you live in a very remote part of the Bristol area, you may want to speak to friends and neighbours to see if they’d like to take music lessons too, and we can make the trip ‘worth it’ for our guitar teachers. Many of our teachers are multi-instrumentalists, and can teach piano and guitar lessons, for example.

What Happens in My First Guitar Lesson?

You will meet your teacher. It is understandable that you may be nervous, this is normal!

Your guitar teacher make you feel comfortable, get to know you, talk about your goals and aspirations and suggest a plan to move your playing forward. By the end of the first lesson, you will be able to play something new!

Can My Five Year Old Try Guitar Lessons?

Absolutely, starting children with their musical journey early in their life can have lots of benefits for them in the long term. Our aim with younger children is to make their guitar lessons fun and engaging and to give them a positive musical experience. We have guitar teachers who specialise in teaching younger children and have experience working in the early years sector.

guitar lessons bristol 
Should I Take Electric or Acoustic Guitar Lessons?

The correct number of guitars is always ‘one more than you currently have’!

That being said, it depends on your goals and the type of music you most enjoy. if you’d like to try out both types of guitar for your first lesson, please let us know and we can arrange this.

What about Bass Guitar?

We have some of the finest bass guitar teachers in Bristol. James (founder) is also an extremely experienced bass guitar player and teacher. If you are interested in learning the Bass guitar, please visit our bass guitar page here.

I Want to Sing as Well!

We have some excellent vocal coaches, as well as guitarists who sing. Find out more about our singing lessons here 

What Qualifications Do Your Guitar Teachers Hold?

All of our guitar teachers are expert players and performers and some of the finest musicians in Bristol. All of our teachers are experienced in delivering guitar lessons.

Some of our guitar teachers hold a grade 8 certificate. This means they have passed the most difficult level of exam on their instrument. Most of our teachers have a music degree from a top university, this means they will be above grade 8 in their playing skill.

Which Brand Of Guitar Should I Choose?

Guitars for beginners are usually very affordable, and it is easy to find a half decent instrument for under £150 new. Used or second-hand guitars may be available for much less in your local area.

Our teachers can help you find something much more sensibly priced. Some good beginner guitar brands we may suggest are Yamaha, Squier, Epiphone and Tanglewood.

How Do I Tune my Guitar?!

Your teacher will be able to tune your guitar for you each week. Once you have settled into your guitar lessons, you will be able to learn to tune easily with a mobile phone app or electronic tuner!

What Kind Of Experience Do Your Guitar Teachers Have?

All of our teachers are performers and have played at concerts all over the UK and in some cases internationally. Our guitar teachers have appeared on the TV and radio, as well as recording their own albums and writing their own songs.

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