Tempo Tuition

1:1 Expert Music Tuition in Your Home

What do we do?

We deliver great music lessons in the comfort of your home.

Tempo Tuition are based in Bristol, UK. We provide hand-picked expert music tutors both ‘in person’ and online. Our customers and students benefit from the convenience and time saving aspects of our services.

Tempo tutors deliver bespoke online tuition to students all over the UK and abroad.

Our tutors follow strict COVID secure guidelines to minimise the risk to themselves and your family.

Tempo Mobile Tuition was formerly known as Bristol Music Lessons

Total beginners are welcome

 Most of our customers are beginners. If you’ve never played or sang before, you’ll be one of hundreds of people we’ve helped. Don’t put it off until you’re ‘good enough’. All of our tutors were beginners once and we will look after you! 

We teach a wide range of musical genres (styles)

 Whether you like heavy metal, classical, hip hop or pop music, we probably have a tutor who can help you progress. The traditional ‘graded’ routes can also be delivered.

Parents can observe/participate in their children’s lessons – No more confusing practice notes from lessons at school, your child makes more progress when you can support them in the process. Some parents actually learn alongside their children!