Tempo now offers music lessons online via Zoom. This started as a neccesity during the Coronavirus outbreak/lockdown in 2020. We quickly began to realise that with good use of technology, our lessons could be as good (sometimes even better!) than before when delivered online.

Here are some reasons to choose online lessons

  • No tutor visiting your home reduces disease transmission risk
  • No travel time to/from music lessons
  • Screen sharing allows tutors to show learning materials live onscreen
  • Tutors can share additional videos/content to aid learning outside the lesson
  • Learners can watch themselves onscreen and mirror the tutor’s actions
  • Some tutors are using multiple camera setups to show different angles

What you will need to take online lessons:

  • A smartphone, tablet, computer or smart TV with camera.
  • Zoom (free download)
  • Wifi (at least 1mb/s broadband recommended) check your speed here
  • A suitable space to take the lesson
  • Motivation and positivity!

Apply here to discuss your requirements or book your first 30 minute trial lesson for just £10.

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