Rent an Acoustic Guitar

Here’s what you need to know about our Beginner Acoustic Guitar Packages…

This package allows our beginners to try out guitar lessons on a quality instrument without having to make the financial commitment to buy a top-notch guitar.

Beginner-level guitars can cost from £50-120 but the lower-priced instruments are often difficult to play and cause beginners many issues. This leads to lack of motivation, and many students just giving up as they cannot produce a clean sound.

Our guitars are set up, cleaned thoroughly, and checked by a professional before coming to you.

We will also make sure your guitar fits you, so that you have the best chance of success with your learning.

We rent instruments on a 3-month basis, or you can rent-to-own an instrument, provided you rent for a minimum of 12 months, as long as all payments have been made on time, you can keep the instrument at the end of the term.

Pay as you go (minimum 3 months)

InstrumentMonthly PaymentRental Term (Minimum)
Acoustic Guitar£10.003 Months

Rent-to-own (brand new guitar)

InstrumentMonthly PaymentRental Term (Maximum)
Acoustic Guitar£10.0012 Months


Acoustic Guitar

Spare strings

Gig bag


Hire of a good quality instrument

Free 20 minute 1:1 music lesson with an expert tutor in-person or via Zoom

Option to return after 3 months

Keep the instrument after the rental period

Expert maintenance support

Free delivery in the Bristol Area – £7 outside areas

At this time while our rental system is under construction, we are accepting applications via email, please email jim@tempomobile.co.uk to apply today or fill in the form below.