Singing Lessons Bristol

Tempo Tuition have some of the finest vocal tutors in the UK. We deliver lessons direct ‘in-person’ in the Bristol area, as well as via Zoom to students all over the world.

We Work with You to
• Reduce vocal tightness or tension
• Improve your confidence
• Remove cracks or breathiness
• Find your ‘mix’ or ‘middle’ voice
• Increase strength, power and range
• Improve your tone and control
• Improve breathing technique (or ‘support’) and posture
• Develop your emotion and delivery in songs
• Improve flexibility and speed (for licks and runs)
• Prepare for an audition, recording session or singing exams


• BEGINNERS to learn teach basics of singing technique.

• INTERMEDIATE or SEMI-PRO singers wanting to develop better control or expression, or need to work on better technique or expression.

• PROFESSIONAL recording artists and stage performers, who need help preparing for recording sessions, tours, auditions or the rigours of regular performance.

• ACTORS needing to add to their skill-set

• MUSIC and DRAMA STUDENTS wanting to get more specific assistance with voices

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