Please download the Zoom application to your device www.zoom.us

In the case of lessons for your children..

Please provide an open area for the lesson with your child, bedrooms are not appropriate. Full and appropriate clothing must be worn (no pyjamas).

An adult must supervise the session.

Please do feel free to observe and take part in the lessons, particularly with children under 10, as they may find this useful.

Children (anyone under 18) and tutors may not make any contact outside of the lesson by phone, email or any other means. All correspondence is to be made via the parents’ device and accounts and with their supervision.

It is company policy that any cancellation under 24 hours, or failure to answer the call within the time slot will constitute a late cancellation.

Please note we require full payment 48 hours before lessons, we cannot provide confirmation of a teacher’s availability until payment has cleared.

You are free to cancel or attempt to reschedule any booking with the teacher where  at least 24 hours’ notice is provided. Please provide the teacher with details about your plans for holidays, half term etc.

Your tutor will contact you prior to the session with the meeting ID and password.

Lesson time/date offers are valid for 24 hours.

Your teacher should send you a ‘hello’ text message within 24 hours of booking.

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